How to create a profile for my organisation?

Creating a profile for your organisation allows your content to be associated with your organisation, not just you personally. This adds credibility and legitimacy to shared content as it is possible to see the organisation responsible for the work. It also raises the visibility of the organisation. You will be prompted to add your organisation when you register if it does not already have a profile on weADAPT.

Before creating a profile for your organisation, make sure your organisation does not already have a profile on weADAPT. To do so, you can check the list on our Organisations page or type the name of your organisation in the search box. If your organisation already has a page but you would like to update it, send us an e-mail at [email protected]. If your organisation does not have a page, here are the steps to add your organisation:

  1. Once registered, click on My Account in the top bar of the website.

  2. Click on Add Your Organisation.

  3. Go to the 'Tell us more about you' tab.

  4. First, try searching for your organisation(s) using the drop-down (don't forget to search for the full name as well as the acronym).

  5. You can add more than one organisation using the 'Add Another Item' button.

  6. If your organisation doesn't already exist on weADAPT. Choose 'New Organisation'.

  7. Fill out the name of the organisation and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. You will be then led to another page to fill in further details about your organisation.

  8. Under the Main tab, fill out the preferred acronym of the organisation and its full name.

  9. Upload a logo and add a description of the organisation.

  10. Under the 'Organisation Details' tab, add the organisation's country (or the HQ if it's international).

  11. Add a website address.

  12. Under the 'People' tab, you can add the organisation's main contact (if an existing weADAPT user).

  13. Under the 'Tags' tab, please include tags that describe the location/country, organisation type (e.g. academia, consultancy services, NGO), role (e.g. scientific research, action research, advocacy), aims (e.g. poverty alleviation, sustainable development), focus topics (e.g., EbA, environmental monitoring, conservation). Find out more about why it is useful to add keywords

Once done, scroll down to click 'Save' and you're done!

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