How do I add an article?

1. Log in to the website (you will need to Register first):

2. Click on ‘Share’ in the top bar of the website, and then click on 'Add an Article'.

3. Fill out the forms available under the different tabs. 

Articles are built from text entered into different fields under a series of tabs - you can find the tabs and their respective fields below. Some are mandatory to fill out before you can save your article. These are denoted with ‘*’.  We recommend that you save your article regularly

Find out what to include in every article or case study on weADAPT.

The different fields to fill are:


  1. Full Title* / Short Title*: The 'Full Title' is the full title that will appear on your article's page. The 'Short Title' will be how your article is shown in previews around the site, and you may prefer to keep this shorter than the Full Title.

  2. Short description*: Supply a short description, which will be how your content is shown around the site. Recommended length is 90 - 110 characters.

  3. Contributors*: Start typing the contributors first or last name to search for them. If they are a weADAPT member then you will have the option to select them as a contributor. Click "Add another" to add multiple contributors. 

    • If none of the contributors are on weADAPT, list yourself as a contributor. Feel free to share the link of the published article to invite the authors to register on weADAPT so you can add them later as contributors. 

  4. Participating/Implementing organisations: Start typing the participating/implementing organisation’s name to search for them. If they are registered on weADAPT then you will have the option to select them as a contributing organisation. Click "Add another" to add multiple organisations.

  5. Input Language: Language your article is written in.

Images & Video:

  1. Thumbnail Image*: Upload a small thumbnail image to be displayed alongside your content around the site. The image should be square and under 3MB. Allowed file types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Once uploaded, you will have to add a short alternate text describing the image.

  2. Main Image (optional): Upload a full size image to accompany your content. The image should be under 3MB. Allowed file types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Once uploaded, you will have to add a short alternate text describing the image. Please also provide a descriptive image caption, and provide photographer/copyright credits if required. Once your content is published readers can click on the main image to make it expand, so this is a good place to add detailed figures/images.

  3. Video (optional): Add a video from Youtube. Please also provide a descriptive video caption (video URL and Description).

You can also add additional images to the main body of the article.

Main Body:

This is the main content for your article. You can add different Main Body sections one at a time:

  1. Click on ‘Add New Section’.

  2. Choose a 'Section Type', from one of the options (Introduction, Methods and Tools, Adaptation Options, etc.)

  3. Choosing a Section Type automatically inputs the section title into the Heading field. It then provides a Body field, with associated 'help text' above it to help you draft the section.

  4. You can add images and links to the section.

  5. To embed videos, slideshows or other external content on the page, read our guidance for adding multimedia content.

  6. Depending on the text that you have inputted, the system will identify and suggest some relevant keywordsYou should ideally choose keywords from our keyword list. To do so, use the ‘Keywords’ field on the right margin: start typing and possible keywords you are looking for will appear. If the keyword you want does not appear, please suggest it here and the reason for including it in the box below. An Editor will review this and include it in the list of keywords if possible. 

    • Click here for more guidance about adding keywords to an article.

    • Click here to find out why keyword tags are useful.

  7. Click 'Create Section' once you have filled out that section. You must do it to save the text you’ve added.

  8. You can create multiple sections, and go back and edit them individually. Every time you edit a section, click on ‘Update section’ to save your changes. You can also use the little cross-marker icon to rearrange the sections. 

  9. Once you have created all of your sections and arranged them in the correct order, you can click 'Next'.

You can also read guides on what to include in weADAPT articles.



  1. Featured Document: Add a Featured Download (PDF) that will be displayed alongside your content. For example, the full report or paper, or related ones.

  2. Selected Resources: Add any additional resources, content or links. Click 'Create related content' and another drop-down selection allows you to choose either ‘Downloads’, ‘Links’ or ‘Text’

Type of Resource

In the right-hand margin

  1. Keywords: Select any keyword tags that are relevant to your content. This will help increase visibility and exposure of your work by linking it with other similar content and member’s interests on weADAPT, and also helps search engines (eg. Google) find your content. Start typing and predefined keywords will be suggested, and choose from the drop-down list. Please include tags for any specific adaptation risks, actions, processes, methods, tools specified in the earlier sections. If the tag you wish to use is not included, please fill the form to suggest a new tag.

    • NB: While you were filling out the 'Sections' etc, the system will have been working away in the background and may have picked up some "suggested tags" based on your input. If any have been identified by the system then they will be shown here as suggestions, and you can choose to add them if they are correct.  

  2. Main Theme/Network: Main Theme/Network this content is related to. This Theme/Network/Project will host this content. Start typing to find titles.

  3. Links to all relevant other Themes/Networks: Linking to relevant themes/networks is important as those Editors are alerted about the new content being added that is relevant to them. You can add multiple of these.

To save your content, click on ‘Save’ in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Before you can save your content, you will need to agree with the Disclaimers*. When you click on ‘Save’ you will be taken to a preview of your article. If you wish to continue editing, click on ‘Edit’ above the title. 

Submitting for Review:

When you are happy with your article and wish to send it to the Editor for review you can click on 'Submit Now'. When you do this you have the option to leave a comment for the Editor / weADAPT staff. 

If you have any problems creating content please email us at [email protected] with a description of the issue. 

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