Why are keyword tags useful in an article or case-study?

weADAPT uses keywords to describe and characterise the different content on weADAPTSpecifically, keywords are used to ‘tag’ articles and case studies with the locations, topic(s), contexts and risksthe methods used (where appropriate), and other pertinent information. In this way, the keywords section provides a snapshot of what that article or case study covers. 

In weADAPT, these keywords are dynamic – when you click on a keyword you are provided with all the content on weADAPT that has been tagged with that keywordThis helps you to quickly find and explore related content. It also enhances the visibility of your publication when others use keyword tags to search contentThese keywordalso drive weADAPT’s faceted search facility, and we are increasingly using them to filter and cluster content in smarter ways, to improve navigation of the platform. 

You can see keywords associated with an article or case-study in the right-hand column: 

In addition, good keywords mean your content can link better to the content on other platforms in the future. An example is the PLACARD Connectivity Hub, where a range of platform data, including that from weADAPT, is shared to increase its visibility and connection to content on other platforms. This is done by mapping content using common keywords.

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