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e03aedb0-d0ce-45cd-b7c9-29a64ef9cf1f - climate adaptation.

Sustainable Agriculture - Promotion of Natural Dye Yield Plantations-Looking for Partnerships for Joint Implementation

We are working on building green economies and sustainable development projects. Presently we are involved in promoting Natural Dye Yield Plantations as Adaptative Measure. We are looking for... Read more

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dsc 9883 - climate adaptation.

Call for Experts: Review of Standards for Indigenous Community Consultation

The Higher Ground Foundation (HGF) is completing external expert validation of its Vulnerably Reduction Credit (VRC™) Standard Framework that serves as a means of evaluating and... Read more

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dz sm - climate adaptation.

Looking for authors with visions of life in a climate changed world

I am running " Life plus 2 meters " -- a website devoted to helping people understand adaptation for climate change. I'm looking for guest posts -- "visions" of how we might live in a world with sea... Read more

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Job Posting: Research Associate to work on maritime infrastructure resilience, climate adaptation, and decision support.

Please circulate!

Seeking a full time Research Associate to work with Prof. Austin Becker in the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Marine Affairs on topics related to maritime... Read more

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