Y-adapt for elementary students?

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mandy photo - climate adaptation.

I'm so impressed to see the curriculum here in Y-adapt. Does anyone know of anything for elementary level children, specifically around climate change adaptation, that is universal like Y-adapt? I'm looking to bring it into my son's school and ideally mainstream into New York City curriculum and share with other C40 member cities around the world.

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me crop - climate adaptation.

Hi @Amanda Ikert, great so see so much activity around C40 cities!

@Margot Steenbergen and @Brigitte Rudram might have some ideas for elementary school resources.

Hi @Amanda Ikert. Great to hear your interest in Y-Adapt, thanks so much! Re a similar games based, participatory and universal curriculum for primary school students - we’ve had many requests of a similar nature, particularly from the countries where Y-Adapt is being rolled out. Hence we’re now submitting proposals to develop precursor Y-Adapt materials for younger children, hoping to start in 2020 if approved (likely a 1-2 year iterative design phase for a final product, fully piloted across country contexts.) In this regard this will also include a further scoping of existing materials and we can definitely keep you updated on this. Thanks again!