What should be done to address Africa's changing water challenges?

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img 5124 2 - climate adaptation.

Dear water and adaptation fellows, 

  • What do you think needs to be done to respond swiftly and strategically to Africa's changing water challenges? 
  • What should be done to prevent / prepare for / respond to / recover from flooding and drought in Africa? Reduce vulnerability and build resilience?
  • How can adaptation solutions be creating jobs in Africa?
  • What are the possibilities for incorporating natural solutions in African cities and watersheds?

These were some of the topics raised in the blog Water Adaptation: Plans and Possibilities for Africa which was posted as a summary of the webinar "Water in the State and Trends in Adaptation Report 2021: Africa"

We are interested in all kinds of insights, from urban and rural areas, and your ideas on solutions – from financing, policies, planning to organizing and implementation. 

What are the good practices, needs for knowledge brokering and capacity building? Please give us your input and we will act on it. 

We welcome especially African contributors.   


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