Webinar: How COP26 can deliver on loss and damage finance

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Despite continual calls from least developed countries and small island states for finance to address L&D resulting from climate impacts, L&D ⁠–⁠ the impacts of climate change that are not or were not averted through adaptation and mitigation activities ⁠–⁠ remains largely absent from the international climate finance architecture.

This event will present novel SEI research assessing how a fair and feasible L&D financing mechanism can be designed. It will then include interventions from key stakeholders sharing their call to action for COP26, identifying concrete recommendations for how COP26 can deliver on L&D finance.

Date & time: 28 October 2021, 11:00-12:30 GMT


  • Zoha Shawoo, Associate Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Inès Bakhtaoui, Research Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Harjeet Singh, Senior Advisor, Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I)
  • Selamawit Desta Wubet, Programme Coordinator, Climate Vulnerable Forum
  • Nedal Katbeh-Bader, WIM ExCom member
  • Alpha Kaloga, Lead Negotiator, African Group

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