Vulnerability case studies on the Adaptation layer

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ruthface - climate adaptation.

A new report out early July, commissioned by the UK Foreign Office, highlights the wide-ranging dangers posed by unchecked global warming, including:

  • very large risks to global food security, including a tripling of food prices 
  • unprecedented migration overwhelming international assistance
  • increased risk of terrorism as states fail
  • lethal heat even for people resting in shade

The Vulnerability theme in weADAPT provides guidance on assessing and monitoring human and ecosystem vulnerability and provides case studies in weADAPT on  the Adaptation layer. Can anyone recommend work on the indirect effects of climate change such migration, increased insecurity or increased risk of terrorism?



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profile 2017 - climate adaptation.
profile 2017 - climate adaptation.

Any others people can recommend?

imgp5052 - climate adaptation.

Hi Ruth,

There's a useful special issue of GEC from a couple of years ago which looks at Migration and Environmental Change, and there was also a big Foresight report from 2011 which has a lot of detail and about 70 background studies and reports

COIN also run the Climate and Migration Coalition - which you probably know about anyway!