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Seeking partners for comparative research on urban adaptation in Latin America

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yo 0 - climate adaptation.

Hi everyone!

I am interested in contacting individuals or groups doing research on adaptation plans/actions in Latin American cities. My own work deals with the policies implemented at the water-utility level in the Andean region. My goal is to put together a network of scholars interested in the many aspects of urban adaptation, to push forward a research agenda on this topic. If you are interested of would like to know more about my current research please reply to this post.

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tahia crop - climate adaptation.

Hi Paul, are you attending Habitat III in Quito next week? Surely a place to meet a lot of potential partners to collaborate with in Latin America. I am interested in ecosystem-based adaptation in cities, integrating green and blue spaces. This would certainly link to your research focus on urban water governance.




yo 0 - climate adaptation.

Hi Tahia,

Thanks for yo reply and sorry for my belated response. I did attend to the Habitat III, mostly to do some interviews for a research project on adaptation at the water utility level that I am currently working on. Are you currently doing research on Latin American cities? Could you share more information on what you research focus is and the cities you are interested in?




martino - copy 0 - climate adaptation.

I would love to teamup with individuals, groups or any other interested parties that are involved in hydrometeorological data rescue and digitization in support of research, education and building capacity related to Climate Change.

anna taylor fractal profile pic v small - climate adaptation.

Hi Martin, thanks for your comment. Your involvement in data salvaging and management sounds interesting. I think you might find a few others in the weADAPT network doing similar things. Could you say a bit more about the specifics of the work, places, organizations and networks you are already involved in / connected with doing this, and/or how you have developed an interest and skill set in this area? I think that will help other people see potential linkages and connect up with you. Best wishes, Anna

martino - copy 0 - climate adaptation.

We locate historical hydro-climate data, digitize this data, and share it with researchers, scientists and education practitioners through out the world for use before it is too late. This information enables the world community to predict long-range weather patterns more accurately and thereby helps meteorological professionals to better understand the nature of global warming and climate change. Many countries of the world are establishing a Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) composed of new observation sites to closely monitor weather trends over the next century. This is done with in a collective manner with other professionals around the world like the "International Environmental Data Rescue Organization" (IEDRO) of the United Sates of America, and the Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions Over the Earth (ACRE) project in the United Kingdom plus many other organisations are also involved in this exercise. The World Meteorological Organisation, WMO is also encouraging and supporting this exercise of old data rescue and digitization. In my home country, Malawi, lots of this historical hydro meteorological data needs to be rescued from different places and be brought together for the scientific, research and education community to use it to project future climate scenarios. All this data when rescued and brought together will be free for anyone to use with the aim of improving the understanding of global warming, climate change and future climate projections. We need a coordinated effort to carry on this task of climate data rescue and digitization for the scientific world community to use.

martino - copy 0 - climate adaptation.

I would love to learn more from your research though am living in Malawi, Africa, I still feel we may share some experiences that may assist in one way or the other as we also are pursuing our actions on adaptation activities in cities and in local communities. Please let me know more about your current research and how I or my organisation may be of assistance.