Searching for research on adaptation options for women

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Hello everyone, 

My organisation is trying to study the adaptation options available to women (and girls), which can improve their resilience. In the process we are looking for data or research methodologies that include the following.

  • The formal and informal barriers that may influence the adaptation options availabe to women.
  • The incentives and disincentives that influence women to migrate both internally and externally.
  • The role of women in developing adaptation options - i.e. agency.

All this time we have take a risk-chain approach here. Thus, we understand that women and girls maybe uniquely exposed and sensitive to adaptation shocks. There is plenty of information available here. The question now, however, is how far wome are able to develop adaptation options that limit vulnerability. We are really hoping to avoid any research duplication. So, if any one can point me in the direction of any innovative or emerging tools, I would greately appreciate this.

If you have any questions or further clarifications, please do let me know.


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Hello, there's been interesting GIS work on gender and climate change in Cambodia. Here are the links, and hope they're helpful.

Please also check the work of the UNFCCC and UNEP on gender and climate change, although of a more general nature:

All the best!