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profile 2017 - climate adaptation.



In the context of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, the Global Programme Water's Network RésEAU, part of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), launched the No Blue - No Green​ Campaign on 27th September. The awareness-raising initiative emphasizes the strong links between water, food and the environment from a local to global level. We all know: without water, there is no food!


The No Blue - No Green Campaign aims to


  • support and enrich the ongoing UN Food Systems dialogues from a water perspective,

  • foster nexus understanding, and

  • showcase achievements and success stories of key partners.​

Partners of the RésEAU have been invited to join the journey and to share interesting facts and figures, their achievements and success stories​ related to water and food. 


The received key water and food facts and figures from all over the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc., make up the campaign.



The success stories featured range from 13-year-old Fatiya in Ethiopia, who became a hygiene champion as well as a gardener in a Blue School (Caritas Switzerland); to more general key facts, e.g. that worldwide 1 billion plus people provide water for themselves, often by private wells. Examples of a hamburger, which needs almost 2500 litres of water to be produced (Water Footprint) further, demonstrate the strong interconnectedness between water and food.


The No Blue - No Green C​ampaign​ presents these and many more genuine, surprising, meaningful, innovative key facts and corresponding visuals. 


Learn interesting facts by following the campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn under #NoBlueNoGreen


For more information, contact Daniel Maselli (SDC RésEAU Focal Point), [email protected] or Sandra Fürst, [email protected] and Rebecca Jiménez, [email protected] backstoppers to the RésEAU

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