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Next Generation Climate Governance at UNFCCC COP23

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chiara - climate adaptation.
iDE, together with the Higher Ground Foundation, will be launching an innovative, decentralised governance systems for climate adaptation piloted in South-Central Vietnam.
Please join us on November 17th, 1:15 – 2:45 pm
Where: COP23 - Bonn Zone - Room 9
And Live @YouTube: UNFCCC Climate Change Studio
Why: To achieve the Paris goals requires next generation decentralized governance systems for scale-up, efficiency and transparency.
Learn from pilot application showcases that integrate blockchain, “Standards 2.0”, and the launch of the climate Vulnerability Reduction Credit (VRC) Standard Framework.
Who: Karl Schultz, Higher Ground Foundation • Tom Bauman, Collaborase • Joe Madden, Xpansiv • Chiara Ambrosino, iDE •Douglas Cripe, Group on Earth Observations

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