National adaptation plans

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A couple months ago the UNFCCC had a list of nearly 70 submitted NAPs, generally under two categories: developed countries and developing countries. They have since seem to have taken down the developed country plans. There were, I believe 64 of them submitted. If anyone has knowledge of where I might find those plans I would greatly appreciate it. 



Hi Pat,

The list of submitted National Adaptation Plans is available via the following pages on the UNFCCC's NAP Central:

All the best,

perfect. thank you. For some reason if I go to that site directly the country files are not there. I appreciate your help, Christian.


Hi Patrick, 
I believe there are only a few countries that have submitted their NAP plans. Are you referring to the NAPAs that were submitted in the past? Definately there was a higher number of submissions. Countries are still working on the formulation of the NAPs and actually we'll be communicating progress on these efforts by October to UNFCCC. 

All the best,