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Monitoring national adaptation

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I'm part of an organisation that is looking into building a national adaptation monitoring system. Such a system would ideally pull basic information on all relevant adaptation activities from the public and private sectors, and put them together on a single database. Such basic information would invovle the type of project, location, scope, summary of results, etc. The goal is to create a system where anyone could actually go onlne and figure out where most of the adaptation activities are happenning at any given point of time. 

The benefits of the system is that we can use the information to actually track the government's commitments and check if the adaptation focus is in the relevant area. Wondering if anyone else is working on such projects or has any interesting ideas to contribute? I'm particulalry keen because we have got a some pushback from a few actors (a minority, but surprisingly other NGOs). 

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Hi Navam, thanks a lot for this post! While I can't speak directly to your question about experiences monitoring a government's national adaptation plan process as an NGO, I did want to share some resources on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) that my organization has developed:

In collaboration with Germany's GIZ, we've put together guidance on developing M&E indicators and case studies of 10 countries’ systems, as well as guidebooks on developing national adaptation M&E systems and on linking M&E across national and sub-national adaptation levels.

Hope these resources are of interest, and look forward to hearing more from others on experiences with NGOs monitoring adaptation.

All the best, Christian

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Hi Chrisitan, 

Thank you for the amazing material! The indicators on measuring adaptation impacts and the details on adaptation and development were really useful! 

Right now, we've decided to focus on categorising adaptation activities and finance based on the country's NAP. We are also developing a second categorisation system to place adaptation activities and finance along a climate risk chain. I know its a lot of jargon, but if anyone is interested, I could send a draft of our ongoing work, perhaps that might help. Also we could really use the feedback.

Once the categorisation is complete, we hope to start working on measuring the impacts of adaptation projects and finance. That's where the indicators you highlighted would be really useful.

Once again, thanks for all the support!

Best regards,