Lignes directrices et guide de bonne pratique pour la resilience aux changements climatiques

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photo 0 - climate adaptation.

Quelles sont les étapes et procedures pour l'élaboration d'un document de lignes directrices et guide de bonne pratique pour l'adaptation  et la resilience aux changements climatiques dans les iles de l'Océan indien?

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ruthface - climate adaptation.
Dear Seybou,
there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to resilience intervention and action especially when dealing with large marine ecosystems. One first needs to understand the context (what is the resilience challenge you want to intervene and what is the decision-space you want informed?). Once you are reasonably clear on your intervention question, you can use the resources available in weADAPT and the web to help formulate your action plan.
To start, here is a sample from weADAPT:
weADAPT also has information on tools to use in adaptation decisionmaking and participation and sustainable livelihoods.
All these information sources were provided by partners who are members of weADAPT. We encourage you to share your resources too so that others will learn from your experience. weADAPT is a platform for sharing. Please follow this link for information on how you can share your publications and case studies. For ease you can also use the  QuickShare form.
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Kind regards, 
Albert Salamanca (Ruth posting on behalf of Albert)