African Development Bank - Consultation for a Market Study on the Adaptation Benefit Mechanism (ABM)

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Dear Madam, Sir,

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched a consultation for a Market Study on the Adaptation Benefit Mechanism (ABM), a new approach to finance adaptation actions. This market study aims to assess the willingness to use and demand for Adaptation Benefits to support adaptation to climate change in Africa.

In operational terms, the objective is to integrate the considerations, needs and concerns of all market actors including (1) financial actors and entities providing financing, (2) national authorities and institutions and (3) adaptation project developers. Information on the ABM and the work conducted by the AfDB is available here:

By participating in this study, respondents will have the opportunity to bring their insight and expertise in the design of the ABM and to reinforce and increase adaptation finance.

The survey to inform this study is available on Google Forms with tailored questionnaire for each group, and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Please fill in the questionnaire that corresponds to your profile:

We will collect feedbacks until early-June 2021. Through the survey, you will be able to express your interest to receive ABM future updates, including the study results.

Please contact [email protected] for any technical assistance.

Best Regards,

Aymeric Moulene

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