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Normal topic Monitoring national adaptation
by Navam Niles on 15th November 2016 7:44
2 by Navam Niles
25th January 2017 11:34
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic Sharing examples of vertical integration in NAP processes
by Angie Dazé on 9th January 2017 12:49
by Angie Dazé
9th January 2017 12:58
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic Call for Experts: VRC Standard Framework Review and Validation
by Karl Schultz on 12th December 2016 14:12
2 by Karl Schultz
9th January 2017 11:13
Adaptation Decision Making
Normal topic NAP-Ag Webinar: Mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning for the agriculture sectors
by Emily Olsson on 12th December 2016 10:20
by Emily Olsson
12th December 2016 10:25
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic Climateurope Festival 2017: Climate Services opportunities
by Ruth Butterfield on 17th November 2016 15:46
by Ruth Butterfield
17th November 2016 17:21
Climate Services Initiatives
Normal topic New MOOC! - Discover how science and technology help us reduce disaster risk and increase resilience
by Ruth Butterfield on 30th September 2016 12:56
2 by Rianne ten Veen
1st November 2016 21:17
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk
Normal topic Invitation to COP 22 Side Event "Building Resilience for Climate Change Adaptation"
by Julia Barrott on 27th October 2016 13:23
by Julia Barrott
27th October 2016 13:24
Small Islands & Climate Change
Normal topic Call for abstracts: Workshop on global and transnational dimensions of climate adaptation
by Åsa Persson on 4th October 2016 12:57
by Åsa Persson
11th October 2016 10:33
Transforming Governance
Normal topic WEBINAR: Adaptation Pathways - From Concept to Practice
by Nicholas Reay on 5th October 2016 13:45
by Nicholas Reay
5th October 2016 14:15
ASSAR - Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions
Normal topic NAP-Ag Webinar: Economics of Adaptation in Agriculture
by Claudia Garcia on 29th September 2016 17:57
by Claudia Garcia
29th September 2016 18:17
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic 1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk Oct. 20-21 in Wells, ME USA
by Carole LeBlanc on 28th September 2016 18:11
by Carole LeBlanc
29th September 2016 10:07
Using Climate Information
Normal topic Join the debate - new online dialogue on foresight activities in CCA/DRR
by Monica Coll Besa on 14th September 2016 14:16
3 by Markus Leitner
27th September 2016 14:40
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk
Normal topic Looking for authors with visions of life in a climate changed world
by David Zetland on 25th August 2016 11:01
by David Zetland
25th August 2016 11:59
Message Board
Normal topic New MOOC - Food and Our Future: Sustainable Food Systems in Southeast Asia
by Ruth Butterfield on 4th August 2016 16:48
by Ruth Butterfield
16th August 2016 11:40
Normal topic The HABITAT III conference: what it is and how to get involved
by Anna Taylor on 6th June 2016 15:53
1 by Anna Taylor
22nd July 2016 10:34
Urban adaptation to climate change
Normal topic "Turning Garbage Into Trees" - Key to Advancing Sustainability in the future?
by Nelson Enojo on 17th June 2016 10:54
by Nelson Enojo
17th June 2016 11:14
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk
Normal topic Adaptation and mitigation options in cities (preferably developing country focus)
by Monica Coll Besa on 26th May 2016 10:34
1 by Anna Taylor
6th June 2016 15:12
Synergies between adaptation and mitigation
Normal topic Online Dialogue! Global Platform on Disater Risk Reduction GP17 Substantive Issues
by Ruth Butterfield on 27th May 2016 10:36
by Ruth Butterfield
27th May 2016 10:56
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk
Normal topic Job Posting: Research Associate to work on maritime infrastructure resilience, climate adaptation, and decision support.
by Austin Becker on 25th May 2016 18:01
by Austin Becker
25th May 2016 18:10
Message Board
Normal topic 1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk
by Carole LeBlanc on 6th May 2016 18:34
by Carole LeBlanc
7th May 2016 10:10
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk


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