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Normal topic COP24 SIDE EVENT: 2050 Pathways for Resilience: What mechanisms deliver adaptation and resilience at scale for LDCs?
by Anne Schulthess on 12th December 2018 9:58
by Anne Schulthess
12th December 2018 10:21
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic BRACED Webinar: COP24 Reflection
by Julia Barrott on 11th December 2018 17:59
by Julia Barrott
11th December 2018 18:00
Transforming Governance
Normal topic Climate Change Job Vacancies Update: Job vacancy at Acclimatise
by Will Bugler on 7th December 2018 16:54
by Will Bugler
7th December 2018 16:57
Communicating Climate Change
Normal topic COP24 side event: Exploring transboundary climate risks and opportunities
by Sukaina Bharwani on 6th December 2018 14:07
by Sukaina Bharwani
6th December 2018 14:15
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic Learning in consortia - Navigating the challenges
by Julia Barrott on 20th November 2018 12:28
by Julia Barrott
20th November 2018 12:33
Climate Adaptation Training
Normal topic FCFA webinar: Communicating climate information & uncertainties better: Cognitive psychology insights & practical experiences
by SouthSouthNorth... on 14th November 2018 14:40
by SouthSouthNorth...
14th November 2018 17:05
Communicating Climate Change
Normal topic BRACED webinar: Key Findings from IPCC's Special Report on 1.5 Degrees
by Julia Barrott on 9th November 2018 11:42
by Julia Barrott
9th November 2018 11:42
Urban adaptation to climate change
Normal topic Webinar - Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Action: the case of forestry (October 23rd 2018)
by weADAPT Knowled... on 18th October 2018 15:34
by weADAPT Knowled...
18th October 2018 15:46
Ecosystem-based Adaptation
Normal topic FCFA webinar: Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development in sub-Saharan Africa
by SouthSouthNorth... on 25th September 2018 18:55
1 by Julia Barrott
11th October 2018 16:26
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic ECCA 2019 call for abstracts is open!
by Julia Barrott on 11th July 2018 13:17
by Julia Barrott
11th October 2018 14:59
Themes, Networks and Projects
Normal topic Training course - Participate! How to facilitate effective meetings on disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation
by Julia Barrott on 26th February 2018 15:59
6 by Julia Barrott
2nd October 2018 13:39
Climate Adaptation Training
Normal topic UK-based Climate Adaptation Networking 18th Oct
by Ben Smith on 26th September 2018 13:21
by Ben Smith
27th September 2018 16:03
Using Climate Information
Normal topic Webinar: Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification and Development: Enabling Effective Business Models through Well-Designed Policies
by SouthSouthNorth... on 5th September 2018 9:25
by SouthSouthNorth...
5th September 2018 10:37
Synergies between adaptation and mitigation
Normal topic Webinar: Entry points for mainstreaming Ecosystem-based Adaptation - The case of the Philippines
by weADAPT Knowled... on 30th August 2018 12:08
by weADAPT Knowled...
30th August 2018 12:08
Ecosystem-based Adaptation
Normal topic Call for Reviewers: Policy Document on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (for COP-24) UNFCCC / MOEFCC
by Anil Gupta on 27th August 2018 2:14
by Anil Gupta
27th August 2018 10:02
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk
Normal topic Workshop on facilitation techniques - Paris, 23rd August 2018
by Julia Barrott on 24th July 2018 9:54
2 by Mohamed Ismai M...
12th August 2018 13:51
Climate Adaptation Training
Normal topic Webinar | Strategies for financing National Adaptation Plan implementation, with lessons from Cambodia and Tajikistan
by weADAPT Knowled... on 12th July 2018 12:27
by weADAPT Knowled...
12th July 2018 12:29
National Adaptation Planning
Normal topic Atlantis youth camp 2018; Y-Adapt!
by Brigitte Rudram on 11th July 2018 16:44
by Brigitte Rudram
11th July 2018 17:03
Normal topic OPEN calls – Three new open calls from the WISER programme
by Hayley Jones on 4th July 2018 13:11
by Hayley Jones
4th July 2018 13:51
Capacity Building for Climate Services
Normal topic Survey on Incorporating Resilience into Environmental Permitting
by weADAPT Knowled... on 26th June 2018 13:06
by weADAPT Knowled...
26th June 2018 14:36
National Adaptation Planning


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