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1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk

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Seeking Case Studies for the 1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk on Oct. 20-21, 2016 in Wells, Maine, USA

Potential contributors are asked to identify their submissions as efforts in climate adaptation, mitigation and/or resilience in: (1) research or technology (methods/processes, products, standards development, etc.); (2) policies (municipal/state/regional, national, international, etc.); and (3) other (for example, education).  Please submit a summary abstract by June 1, 2016 of a related research project, policy update or other such advancement in which you have been an active participant or partner.  Especially encouraged are presentations on: (1) the energy, transportation, agriculture and human health sectors; (2) national security and supply chain issues; and (3) replacements/substitutes for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Contact: Dr. Carole LeBlanc, for more information.

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