Adaptation Integration in Local Government Policy Processes

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Ben Twinomugisha

I am supporting implementation of UNDP-GEF/LDCF adaptation project in Malawi. The project supports the implementation of urgent adaptation priorities through strengthened decentralized and national development plans. The project aims to establish and then demonstrate the institutional framework required to mainstream adaptation into development planning at national and local levels. One of the key activities we are facilitating, is the development of Community Based Adaptation (CBA) and Community Managed Disaster Reduction (CMDRR) plans through working with district staff and community development structures. The community based action plans will form a basis for implementation of CBA plans focused on diversifying and strengthening livelihoods. 

I would like to learn from the experiences from elsewhere. Kindly share any best practices and guidleines.

Best regards


Arvind Sha

Hi Ben, 
I am working on building resilience to disasters and risk through a  community based adaptation and decentralised planning in South Asia. In this regard, we have developed a social accountability tool called the Climate Change Scorecard for prioritising and planning development based on the needs of the community. We have used it with agrarian and fishermen communities extensively in South Asia.

Will be more than happy to share with you details on its usage, application and project reports. 



img 1996 - climate adaptation.

Ben Twinomugisha

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Dear Arvind

Thats is great! we have a lot to learn from each other. Our approach to understanding adaptation/resilience needs is facilitated by the application of the participatory qualitative resilience assessment/analysis UNDP tool called Community-Based Resilience Analysis (CoBRA). It could be somehow like your scorecard tool. CoBRA tool helps communities to self define what resilience/adaptation means to them- learning from the past and present experience. also aims to complement scientific/technical experts-led resilience planning and programming efforts by bringing in views and voices of local communities and households on resilience building and policy discourse.

It will be great to learn how the Climate Change Score Card works. I will share with you the CoBRA tool and the assessment results.

best regards,


martino - copy 0 - climate adaptation.

Martin Mwanagwa Munkhondya

Hello Ben,
Our organization based in Malawi called "Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management,(CCCEM), has one main objective and that is to "Enhance Community Resilience and Adaptation Programs" through technologically based intervention. We are aiming at reaching the local community at district, and community based organisations by implementing best practices in Community based disaster risk management through:
1. Flood Control Initiatives,
2. Best Climate Service practices through capacity building and empowering the local
voluntary and independent weather observers.
3. Environment and Natural resources Management, (ENRM).
4. Food and Nutrition Security

We are more than ready to share more of such as this is our core aim of our organisation, to bring best practices to the districts, Community Based Organisations and the local indigenous communities.

img 1996 - climate adaptation.

Ben Twinomugisha

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Dear Martin

Thank you for sharing,

Let me know if you have CBA interventions in the districts of Ntcheu, Zomba, NKhatabay, Machinga and Mangochi.

best regards



martino - copy 0 - climate adaptation.

Martin Mwanagwa Munkhondya

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Hi. Ben,

We are currently working in Zomba, Mangochi and Blantyre districts so far but we have the mandate from the government to scale up and work through out the country when  we hace the chance of funds to scale up our activities.

Best Regards,