Mountain Innovation Fair 2023

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screenshot 2022-11-24 at 10 - climate adaptation.

Call for applications for the first Mountain Innovation Fair, organized by the UN Environment Programme and the Global Mountain Safeguard Research Programme. The fair will take place between 23-25 October 2023 in Bolzano, Italy:

Dealing with remoteness, a rugged environment, exposed to natural hazards and a fast-changing climate, mountain areas have always been challenged to keep dynamic in sustaining their livelihoods and surrounding environment. Continuously, unique solutions are being developed and implemented, proving that demanding living conditions can be turned into engines of innovation. But how about sharing and exchanging practical experiences to unleash the full potential of sustainable pathways? 

The Mountain Innovation Fair is planned to offer a buzzing, interactive and collaborative workspace to exchange on challenges and successes of innovative approaches, with lively discussions and practical demonstrations. Out-of-the box thinking, novel approaches and facilitating wider access to innovations are at the core of the Fair. Meet your peers, learn about and co-create mountain innovations with a potential for replication in various regions and contexts.  

The thematic emphasis of the fair is on: 

  • Water
  • Natural hazards and climate risk reduction
  • Agriculture
  • Energy 
  • Mountain tourism 

Apply with your innovative approaches for sustainable development and adaptation in mountains from the Alps, Carpathians, Balkans, South Caucasus, East Africa and Southern Africa for a chance to win a Mountain Innovation Award to help scale up and replicate your solution! 
Deadline for the registration is April 8 2023. More information about the Mountain Innovation Fair and details on how to register and apply can be found online.

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fresas agu 2013 - climate adaptation.

Canada wants to be in it too!

Precisely this kind of forum is what I was looking for!

Let me explain, because for us who live in British Columbia, this is the kind of event we must attend or bring into our region, if we ever want to learn a thing or two about mountain living.

And why is that so? you may ask. Well, we happen to be the most immense alpine cordillera in North America, and at the same time, outside from urban centres, we are one of the lowest populated regions.

One of the reasons for this unbalance is that British Columbia's population occupies the territory lacking most of the experience needed to strive in alpine regions with abundant forests. Unlike communities belonging to ancient civilization developing in mountain regions (like Swiss, northern Italy, southern Germany, or Austria), the people of western Canada either just recently arrived (last 350 years or so), or had been natively living in it for ages in harmony with the rest of the flora and fauna, with no real need for development.

Nowadays, in front of a growing need to accommodate new migrants, and with the support of investments coming from abroad, British Columbia, its people and its modest industries face the challenge of developing whatever we need for the future in sustainable ways. We need to grow in tune with the 2030 Agenda, the UN millennium goals, and a vision that ensures justice and opportunities for a wealthy future for our children. Man, we need help, so please help us!

We need to learn from those who have the expertise living harmoniously in other mountain regions of the world. With low emissions, using resources wisely, and becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy, staples, and food. Learning the traditions and values that ensure preserving and sustaining the environment, while at the same time, giving us the strength to carry on demanding endeavors, usually more common in mountain regions than elsewhere.

The history, philosophy, and economics of ancient civilizations that conquered alpine regions are great sources to find tools to master the art of enjoying a healthy, sustainable, and socially just mountain-lifestyle.

It would be nice to be part of the fair, somehow.

Marco Antonio Murillo

Burnaby, British Columbia


screenshot 2022-11-24 at 10 - climate adaptation.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for expressing an interest in this event! Unfortunately, given the interactive format of the fair (market place, workshops) this is currently an in-person event only. You can of course register to participate in the event if you meet the criteria (e.g. belong to one of the aforementioned target groups), and we will make sure to update the event if an online form of engagement becomes available.

I also recommend you check out the Adaptation at Altitude solutions portal which hosts an array of mountain-specific solutions being implemented across the globe. It provides details on aspects such as how the solution was financed, how it was designed and implemented, as well as information on its potential replication and upscaling.

Hope that helps!